UB Equestrian


We compete in IHSA (Intercollegiate Horse Show Association) in the Hunter seat Division. These shows work slightly different then typical horse shows. If you are unfamiliar with the format, upon arrival to the show, riders draw a horse at random from a pool of horses provided by the host school. Riders will mount outside the ring and be led by someone from the host school. They will not be in control of the horse until they enter the ring and the class is being judged. A different horse is drawn for the jumping and flat classes. Sometimes riders draw the same horses and sometimes it is completely different. Riders get points for both themselves and their team if they are the designated point rider. At the end of the show, high point and high point reserve awards are given out to both riders and teams. Teams and riders rack up points throughout the season and after a rider achieves 36 points they qualify for regionals and move up to the next division.

IHSA Divisions
Walk Trot
Beginner Walk Trot Canter
Advanced Walk Trot Canter
Novice (Flat and Fences)
Intermediate (Flat and Fences)
Open (Flat and Fences)

If you are interested in showing, the cost is $30 per class, a $10 coaching fee per show, plus gas money for the driver. Our current show coach is Vinessa Schreckengost.

2011-2012 Show Schedule
Date Host School
October 29, 2011 RIT
October 30, 2011 RIT
November 5, 2011 Alfred University
November 13, 2011 Cornell University
November 19, 2011 Nazareth College
Novemeber 20, 2011 Nazareth College
Feburary 19, 2012 Cornell University
Feburary 25, 2012 Alfred University
March 31, 2012 Regionals
April 7, 2012 Zones
May 3-5, 2012 Nationals