UB Equestrian

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to be in the club?
The cost all depends on how much you want to do. English lessons cost $200 for a package of 5 and shows are $30 per class plus coaching and driving fees. The amount of shows and lessons are completely up to the rider (from none to as many as possible). There are no club fees, the only things you pay will be for the riding.

How often does the club meet?
Currently we meet every other monday, however that is subject to change as we go into the new year

Where does the club ride?
We ride at the Buffalo Equestrian Center, approximately 15-20 minutes from the north campus depending on traffic. It is located in the city of Buffalo.

Can I join if I have never ridden a horse?
Of course! We welcome new members to get involved in anyway possible, whether it's in riding lessons, or just spending time volunteering at the barn or learning more about horses. No riding or horse experience is necessary to be in the club and we are willing to teach as much as you would like to know.

Do I need my own horse to show?
No, the host school provides all the horses and tack necessary. The only thing you need to show is show clothes, however if you do not have the proper attire there is usually someone on the team who has extra stuff or has something you can borrow.

If I have a horse, can I bring it to school?
Yes, as long as you are willing to pay for board. You can choose to keep it at the Buffalo Equestrian Center and ride in lessons, or we can help you find another nearby stable to board at.

Do we ride the same horse in every lesson?
No, not usually. Every once in a while you will ride the same horse, but the Buffalo Equestrian Center has a large number of horses that riders switch between. This way we get used to riding new horses and develop the skills necessary to adjust to new mounts, something required at every horse show.

Do I need my own equiptment to ride?
No, the BEC provides all the tack necessary. All you need is appropriate pants, boots, and a certified helment. No equiptment is necessary for showing either as the host school provides all the tack. The only equiptment you need is for yourself, anything for your horse will be provided for you. However, if you do have your own saddle, you may use it at the BEC as long as it is checked to fit your horse. Personal saddles are not permitted in competitions.

What is the time commitment?
As much as you want to commit is fine. If you can only make the biweekly meetings, that's fine, of if you want to ride multiple times a week that is also fine. All we have planned for group events so far this year are the shows, however we are looking to add more group activities and fundraisng opportunities to do as a group. Any event is recommended but not required and no one will be penalized for not attending an event.